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Policies & Guidelines

One Chauffeur is dedicated to a comfortable, convenient, and safe environment for our patrons. With the aim to curate such an experience, the following expectations apply to all passengers and patrons.


  • Please place trash in the trash cans.

  • A $250 "Hazardous Waste" fee will be invoiced for each incident if the driver disposes of or cleans up after waste that may be dangerous to health or body. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Broken glass

    • Bodily fluids

    • Soiled clothing

    • Objects perceived as weapons

    • Hazardous items​

    • High-risk materials


  • Non-lethal weapons designed for personal protection, such as pepper spray, stun guns, and alarms are permitted in the vehicle for personal safety.

  • All firearms are prohibited from entering our limousine (limo). Any firearm brought into the limo will result in immediate termination of service without refund, and will be rejected from further service by or business with One Chauffeur LLC for 1 year. If firearms are discovered in our limo during or after our service to you, a $250 "Unduly Liability" fee will be invoiced. Furthermore, if our driver must remove a weapon from the vehicle, a $250 "Hazardous Waste" fee will be billed in addition to the "Unduly Liability" fee. If a firearm is removed from the vehicle and its respective owner is not immediately available to retrieve it, or if the individual claiming ownership of the firearm cannot provide valid documentation of ownership of it, the firearm will be turned into the Hermann Police Department for its respective owner's retrieval.

Drugs and Alcohol

  • All substances consumed inside the vehicle must be legal for all passengers, even if only a portion of the group partakes in the substance. Please do not open the partition when consuming alcohol or other recreational substances; respect our drivers and the law.

  • Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicle.

  • Vaping is allowed inside the vehicle.

  • Any illegal substance found by our driver(s) will result in immediate termination of service, a $250 "Unduly liability" fee, and a $250 "Hazardous Waste" fee. Any illegal substances found will be confiscated and reported to the Hermann Police Department. All losses and expenses associated with this process will also be billed to you, including cancelled obligations for other groups in the event a police report happens during business hours on your party's accord.

Refusal to Pay

  • In addition to the cost of our service to you, refusal to pay will result in a "Refusal to Pay" fee of $50 per day, starting on the day of service and ending on the day we receive your payment for our services to you. All collection agency and legal costs associated with this process will be included in a separate bill to you. Please respect our drivers and their livelihood.

We May Be Hiring in the Future!

  • We are looking for safe, sociable drivers to lead the party into the evening.

  • Email us for a simple, single-page, guided employment application.

  • REQUIRED resume details and attachments include:
    • Clear and direct verbal communication

    • Class E driver's license, or intent to obtain one

    • Basic vehicle maintenance skills (change a tire, check and change oil)

    • Experience driving wide-turn vehicles​

  • PREFERRED resume details include:

    • Experience in hospitality or customer service

    • Experience in transportation

    • CPR and first-aid training​​

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